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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Inside Out and Back Again vs The Fault in Our Stars

I feel we may have some discontent on this one so I am posting my opinion and mine alone.

I really didn't think Inside Out and Back Again was all that memorable. (Bring on the Smack).  I'm not a particular fan of this type of writing so I downloaded the audiobook so I could hear the verse as the author intended it.  I was ..underwhelmed.  She has it tough in Vietnam but just as she could have pushed the story to make me really feel like the what it was like, she moved on.  She got to America, it wasn't so great but then a sponsor came along.  He was OK but the family wasn't so great.  She was made fun of in school but she persevered.  Is this a story I have heard before, yes.  Did it take me to a place where I really felt bad for her? No.  I spent the summer in Vietnam, what happened there was atrocious and I never really got this from Inside Out and Back Again.  Did it have potential, I think so.  I am honestly surprised it made it this far.

I read the Fault in Our Stars almost a year ago.  I like John Green, he speaks to me not only as an author but as a fellow nerd.  When the book began I thought,"Oh jeez - a kid-with-cancer book"...."What are you up to John Green?"  But the story was not so much about the cancer.  It was accepting who you are and sometimes,  your inevitable fate and doing what you can, with what you got.  The story summary has been told many times in previous blogs so I'll spare you the details (And the need to say, "Spoiler alert"). Unlike Inside Out and Back Again, I felt everything for these characters and when alone, where no one could see me, I cried like a baby.

The Fault in Our Stars is the only choice for me.  Zombie Pick: Raven Boys, please!

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