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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It have excuses, none very good, for being the last blogger of the group.  In the time I’ve had to read I have been struggling with Rotters—wanted to skim to get the book finished but find that every time I did, I needed to go back and reread.  It’s too thick.  It’s too much.  The images are too horrific.  And yet—after a time, I found that they no longer had the power to knock me out.  There were too many of them—the images that seemed to pile on each other obscuring the one before.  And the point? What was he saying about art and music?  That ultimately nothing creates meaning.  I don't actually know.  Not too sure that I care.  But what a book.

Every Day hooked me at the beginning.  I could hardly wait to get back to it.  Then I got bored.  Seemed like a treatise on stereotypes but of course dealt with in a humane and enlightened manner.    

So my vote goes for Rotters.  Though I often felt overwhelmed, I was never bored.

Zombie pick—Endangered   A good story.

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  1. My vote is also for Rotters. Even though I spent half of the book fixated on his smell and wondering why he didn't just take a shower already, I loved the mythology Kraus built up around grave robbery. I agree that the second half definitely didn't do the first justice, and got a little lost... But I think more readers will find something compelling in it, compared to the sometimes-cloying romance of Everyday. No matter what moves ahead in this bracket, though, it seems unlikely that anything will be able to stop the indefatigable Fault in Our Stars!

    So I guess that means I should vote for a zombie that'll shake things up, huh? While I revisited All Good Children and thoroughly enjoyed it on the second try, I have been wracked by guilt for my role in helping to kill Raven Boys earlier on. (I'm sorry, Dia! Please invite me back next year!) So, in an effort to redeem myself and appease the disgruntled hordes, I vote to bring back Raven Boys!