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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rotters or Rotten??

Neither of us (Barb and Mona) enjoyed this book at all. It is the most depressing YA book either of us have ever read.  We kept waiting for something good to happen but nothing did.  It just got worse and worse until mercifully the book finally ended.  It was a struggle to finish.  Rotters went on way too long.  Joey should have taken care of Baby at the campfire and been done with it.  Rotters has garnered some good reviews so it obviously appeals to some but definitely not to its JP reviewers.  

On the other hand - we both thoroughly enjoyed Every Day. The premise was an interesting one, the main character in his many manifestations was likable and we couldn't put it down. Despite a few issues that may have frustrated some readers, we found that we really enjoyed it.  

Barb and I more often than not don't agree on books, and even though Barb is usually wrong, (lucky I'm the one typing today :) I think she's 100% right this time.  We loved Every Day and hated Rotters (and only finished it because of our fear of Dia).

We definitely post 2 votes for Every Day!!

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