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The Distance Between Us
When We Collided
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Defy the Stars

Monday, May 11, 2015

I have thought long and hard over which book deserves my vote. I enjoyed both The Nazi Hunters and The Night Gardner but for totally different reasons. I feel that The Nazi Hunters is an important book as it works to introduce the topic of the Holocaust in a gentle manner. Anytime I can work knowledge of historic events into my classroom, it is a win win situation: reading AND learning. Yes. On the other, The Night Gardner is such an accessible text, it is hard for me not to vote for it as my favourite. As a junior high teacher, I am always searching for those books that I can give to anyone, and say, "Take this; I think you'll love it.". I feel that The Night Gardner is that book. So, with my little social studies heart telling me to pick The Nazi Hunters, but my language arts brain telling me to pick The Night Gardner, I have to go with....The Night Gardner because it is that book that I can give to anyone in my classroom and know they will love it.

Lisa @ ABM

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  1. Lisa, my vote also goes to The Night Gardener because it will appeal to a broader audience.