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All American Boys

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Big Buzz vs Little Buzz

When We Were Liars came out this last Spring there was a lot of buzz! This books is a game changer... you'll never see it coming...I knew I wanted to read it and I knew I wanted to be surprised. Unfortunately, I wasn't. I'm old enough to have seen Bruce Willis and a little boy see dead people. I saw it coming. Still it was interesting to read about such a repulsive family though the whole fire thing (even drunk) doesn't make much sense.

In contrast, The Nazi Hunters came with little buzz beyond a grade eighter in my class who really enjoyed it (and he, like Mikey, didn't like anything). I do have a little love set aside for non-fiction that reads like a story. Tell me a story, after all, is essentially the phrase that wins my heart. Like others who have bloged already I read this book in just a few sittings. What sticks with me is the role ordinary non-spies played in the novel...the sense of purpose everyone seemed driven by.

Though there are messages in both one keeps rolling around in my head and will be my choice to move on - The Nazi Hunters. 

Now I need to sit back and dream of zombies.....

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