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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Split vs. Stupid Fast

Stupid Fast got stupid fast!!
Stupid Fast tells the story of Felton and his dysfunctional family.  His father committed suicide when Felton was 5, and his hippy mother is just now beginning to fall apart.  Felton is growing fast and becoming athletic, and his sudden likeness to his dead father is the undoing of his mother.
Stupid Fast seems like a book intended to engage junior high boys.  It probably would have succeeded if there had been more humour, more action and more story!!  Some boys might like the book, but it's not one that we would recommend often.
On the other hand Split was immediately engaging.  It's the story of Jace, a 16 year old who escapes from his abusive father and goes to stay with his older brother Chris, who escaped years earlier. Jace and Chris have to come to terms with their new situation, the idea of leaving their mother behind, and Jace's worry that he might be just like his father. The story is suspenseful and has some dark spots, and is able to keep the reader's attention throughout.
Guess which one we chose as the winner??
Believe it or not, we completely agreed that Split is the winner!!
Barb and Mona

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