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Saturday, December 10, 2011

YOU WISH - done

Okay, so I finished YOU WISH. Not bad, I guess, if that’s your thing....pretty predictable: Girl who doesn’t fit in; divorced absent dad, so angst over that; mother who ignores her; friend who is changing to fit in with the “in” girls; secret crush on BFF’s guy. The unpredictable parts come with the wishes of her younger self’s birthdays coming true – which involve My Little Pony, Raggedy Ann, and Ken (as in Ken ‘n Barbie) making an appearance...literally. One must be able to suspend one’s element of disbelief....on the other hand, I WISH was sort of a fun read – as in there were some funny parts, some of the protagonist’s feelings are realistic (who hasn’t wished for bigger boobs at one point in their younger years?), and nothing really depressing happens, so it’s a nice escape. She realizes in the end that her younger self had more fun, felt freer to express herself, and was maybe nicer. But there’s no going back, kiddo. Well, only in your dreams, or with birthday wishes, I suppose. I simply do NOT get the compulsion in Chicklit to endlessly describe every character’s wardrobe change, however. Oh, and the author knocked this off in 3 months...I guess once you have a basic formula... I have a feeling I know which one will be advancing, but I won’t jump the gun.


  1. Am I supposed to post a picture? How?

  2. Hi RK, I just added a picture for you. I'm going to put together instructions in case anyone wants to insert their own picture. Otherwise, I'm happy to do it! Arlene

  3. Thanks, Arlene. I wasn't sure how...and it sure looks prettier now. Even if it is pink.