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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Bone Gap swallows The Lie Tree

The Lie TreeBone Gap

The Lie Tree is an intriguing read with intricate themes of family ties, societal expectations, truths and lies interwoven in a Victorian murder mystery.  Faith (yes a bit of hit you over the head symbolism from the author) tries to solve the murder of her beloved father.  As with many murder mysteries, what you thought you knew may not really be what is - maybe it is all just lies.

Bone Gap has magical elements, mixed with longing, loneliness and a look at what you think you see may not be the reality.   This leaves the reader fascinated, sometimes confused and also wondering what will happen next.  A quirky book with quirky characters - some will love it and some will hate it.

I have not consulted with my reading partner recently but she encouraged me to blog when I could. So, for me the book to continue on is Bone Gap.



  1. I checked in with your partner and Bone Gap (which I hated because of the ending....really really hated) is moving on!

  2. I have to say, having read Bone Gap this summer in my summer book club, I did not love it. As Dia said, the ending particularly bothered me. It was confusing in places and downright disturbing at the end. Having said this, be forewarned that I rarely like fantasy and I felt this book leaned into that too much for me. I'm glad this reading group are able to give it a good review to balance out my thoughts.