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The Hate U Give
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The Passion of Dolssa
The Distance Between Us
When We Collided
Louis parmi les spectres
Girl in the Blue Coat
Defy the Stars

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


It looks like some division amoungst the readers of We Were Liars and Nazi Hunters. 

Where some have argued that Liars is fluff, a look at a too entitiled rich world, it really portrays the humanity of a class of people we often show with disdain.  The effects of trauma on memory are profound, perhaps more so in young people and wealth does not ameliorate its effect.  Liars reminds us of this. The lens we see life through often clouds reality.  Is everything we see and believe real?  I see a wide range of themes to explore here, not the least of which is our reverse prejudice against entitled society.

In fact, Nazi Hunters bored me.  The writing was simple and the straight forward, lacking suspense, perhaps just like a non fiction should read.   Here is my bias, as I love a good yarn that leaves me hanging.  I want to get engaged with my characters, and this book left me wanting.  Hence my preference for Liars. 

Zombie bid?  Well, I haven't read the recent suggested books, (Glory, Sun( and am wanting too, so will stick to my first choice book, first round, which Wendy and I argued over... The Cutting Knife of Memory,  another book like Liars that uses the foil of memory to create conflict.  (I lost that battle to Wendy's preferred choice. (Summer)

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