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Defy the Stars

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Glory wins... insert pun here.

I have read, and enjoyed, three titles by A. S. King, though I see a clearly discernible pattern in the themes of these works; it would seem that moody, introspective stories sell.  To be fair, one could level similar criticisms against others in young-adult genre -- chief amongst them, John Green -- but perhaps this represents the genesis of author-loyalty for our students; after all, I'd read a take-out menu if Vonnegut wrote it.  Nonetheless, my colleagues at DDM and I agree that young 'Glory' is well-conceived and deftly hits on bona fide themes that will appeal to young readers.

Which is not to say that Famous Last Words, by Katie Alender, was without virtue; I can enjoy a pulp as much as the next guy.  If one can contrive a healthy dose of obliviousness in the face of Reed's constant presence, which has no apparent function beyond sledgehammer foreshadowing, this is a fun story, stylistically in-keeping with the story's mien; an homage to film noir of the era?

Hat's-off to A. S. King for a good read, but me thinks the game is afoot, and the next round will not be won so easily.


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