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Goodbye Stranger
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The Blackthorn Key
All American Boys

Monday, April 14, 2014

Counting by 7s vs. Leonard Peacock


As the chosen blogger for ABM this time around (more like the voluntold!), I'm reporting that we almost came to a consensus with the exception of...surprisingly not Andrew...HOLLY!! She was the lone stray vote for Leonard Peacock. Although she loved Counting by 7's she wanted to vote for the edgier read and display her support for the love of the teacher. Still, she has been outvoted! Andrew's exact words - "I HATED Leonard Peacock!" 

As Travis mentioned in his previous post, I too was worried about Willow and her school endeavors...I didn't see it going well for her at all! I have seen a few of these students in my career and always hope those around will be kind and accepting. Thankfully, unlike many others in similar situations, Willow found her group and I as a reader would have taken her home if I could. I loved her thoughts and 'matter of fact' statements that so many of us think but she was able to just say (Ok sometimes I say them but really shouldn't!) It did make me laugh out loud even though part of the initial story was tragic. Not the typical tragedy story, but more a story of how tragedy leads to an outsider being forced to find a place, resulting in the overall kindness and caring of strangers...One of my favorite books of this year's Smackdown! 

On a side note - I still can't believe Bomb has moved on!!
DO for ABM

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