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All American Boys

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rotten to the Core

Just finishing Rotters last night, I am left with the relief that I can end this round of Smackdown on a high, if not dark note.  Silence of Murder has an interesting premise, and I will grant that the discovery of the jars' contents and meaning was well handled, but...

The rest of the book was very pedestrian; it's predictability left me disinterested and unable to persist through the guts of the text.  Whenever you figure out who "dunnit" in the first chapter or two, it's all down hill from there.  Read the first few chapters, skip to the last few chapters.  Realize you have missed nothing.  Abandon book to play Words with Friends.

Rotters, on the other hand was a fun read, albeit twisted.  A fellow Smackdownian read the text in an earlier round, and extolled it virtues to me, so I was already primed to enjoy the story.  I felt for Joey's character, and cheered him along as he brought retribution upon the heads of those who tormented him at school.  Yes, it's kinda shallow to cheer on a kid for hanging corpses of women over Woody instead of believing he should rise above his anger, but seriously, seeing bad people be punished for doing bad things is the karmic high I want to ride.

So like the other members of my group, I too vote for Rotters to move ahead to the next round.  Coffin liquor anyone?


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