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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tough Choice

Wow! So hard to choose...I really enjoyed the narrative voice and the connection to Audubon's art in Okay for Now (the combination of art and narrative reminded me of the combination of physics and narrative in The Freak Observer, and they would make an interesting study in tandem). I really felt for the protagonist and bought into the magic realism/fantasy involving the yew tree monster in A Monster Calls. AND I chuckled aloud and can hardly wait to read A Tale Dark and Grimm aloud to my grand-daughter (when she gets old enough - she's not yet one).

SO..........since I don't have anyone to argue me down, I'm going to say that I totally agree with Dia's post on May 24th. I'm picking A Tale Dark and Grimm. (Feel free to smack me down, but you'll have to cybersmack me because I have a dentist appt. I can't get out of and will have to miss the May 31st meeting - sorry!)

I'm picking A Tale Dark and Grimm because I think it is the book that would appeal to the widest audience (I can hardly wait to read it aloud to my 7's next fall). I also think it opens up a whole new world of exploring the original Grimm tales, which may especially appeal to my German Bilingual students here.  I agree, however,  that it would be a bit young for high school students.

Unfortunately, I find that the majority of my kids are not quite into realistic fiction, and although I passed my copy of A Monster Calls along to a family who has experienced a recent loss, I don't think I would tackle it as a whole class read aloud and would likely recommend it to only select students. It is definitely the better written piece of literature, and I don't mind at all if it wins!  Okay for Now was maybe more of a high school read, I think. Again, I had the same feelings as others have stated with the ending, but I did love the artwork!

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