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Friday, March 30, 2012

Wonderstruck vs. Split

I think enough has been said about both these novels as they have progressed through the rounds, that I am just going to get to my pick.

I choose Split to move onto the next round. This book was powerful, brutal, honest and gives a real view into those who are faced with abuse, how they deal with it, and how it affects their lives after the fact. I was engrossed in this novel. I wanted to know if the mother was ever going to leave him, I wanted to know if Jace would continue to follow in a pattern laid out by his father. And I loved the relationships in this novel. I disagree with the previous post, as I felt that all of the secondary characters added alot to the story line- not necessarily as characters themselves, but getting to know them always added to the main characters. Jace had so many complex relationships in the novel, all serving different purposes in revealing more about who he is.

And I believe the author did an amazing job of just that-- revealing her main character, make us understand and feel for his situation, and in the end, want things to be okay.

I found this novel to be truly eye-opening, and I couldn't put it down. For that reason, I vote for it to move on.

(There was nothing wrong with Wonderstruck, it was an entertaining book, but for me it lacked the power that Split had.)

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