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Thursday, February 2, 2012

OK for Now vs Conspiracy of Kings

Okay for NowvsA Conspiracy Of Kings

What Jaylene said....I love books that teach you something (in this case about John James Audubon) and this novel grabs you right from the beginning. It is set in the late 60's and has the classic feel good story of a young male who eventually shines through his struggles to emerge with amazing potential. The author keeps the reader accountable with little snippets like, "A week later, I wasn't at the library when it opened at ten o'clock, and if you've been paying attention, you should know why." There are no language or content factors to consider and plenty of opportunities to open discussions about controversial issues within the context of the plot. Much more readable than the Conspiracy of Kings, but it had an unsatisfactory ending.
What Vanessa said...It was a a real book, about a real boy, in a real town. In a land where vampires and demons are fairly common, it was nice to just read about a normal boy. I loved the symbolism of the birds from the Audubon books and how they inspired our main character to not only find himself but all the lost paintings.

What Jaylene said...Megan Turner engages her readers by immersing them in the past world of Kings. You find yourself taking the side of Sophos (eternally filled with self-doubt) who enters the heroic journey purposefully misfigured and hardly able to walk. It is all about the battle for land, power, and recognition. Kings who hope to become the next eponymic name spoken on the tongue of all their loyal subjects. Were it not for the section entitled Some Persons of Greater and Lesser Consequence provided at the end of this fourth book in the series, I might have been lost at times with the names (mostly of Greek origin). A great read!

What Vanessa said...see my previous post, I did not find this a great read mostly because the wall I had to climb over to get to the interesting stuff was far to tall and wide for me.

Winner this round: OK for Now


  1. I feel your pain. I had a hard time getting through Conspiracy of Kings too!

  2. Would Conspiracy of Kings be better as an audio book?