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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What happens when...

Ok - you join the Mighty Smackdown to read some new books, some books you wouldn't otherwise choose, or maybe, just because you like to read. So here is my round two, Jaylene and I have been given 2 books. One, realistic know, boy has troubles, some of them girl, he may or may not be fat, etc... and one, a combo of historical fiction and fantasy. I am mostly NOT a historical fiction fan and I am mostly NOT a fantasy fan. So when you combine the two together..oi! Here is a line , " My uncle who was Sounis has sent me to Letnos with Terve to separate me from the magus" What? Huh?Anglais? Jaylene had read the book and assures me it is good, someone else moved it along.
I cannot do it folks, too many books, too little time. I cannot read it (honestly, I can barely look at it and i tried!!!) BUT just because it "ain't my thang" doesn't mean it isn't someone else's. No one I would hang out with but probably still a nice person.
I don't feel comfortable giving it a bad review because I haven't read it all but then again isn't it bad if I cannot get past the first chapter. Sigh...Jaylene and I will get back to you...

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  1. I hear your pain, vlecaine! I'm the one that passed it on in the first round, but only because I thought it was better than the other one I had...and I, too, had a horrible time getting into it. If it hadn't have been my first Smackdown book, I'm sure I wouldn't have finished it. However, after struggling through it, I did come to respect the very realistic society created and I thought that many male readers would appreciate the battle scenes and treachery and it also had strong female characters. It certainly wasn't my thing and I'm not likely to pick up the first 3 of the set.