Smackdown Books 2017

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The Memory of Things
Hour of the Bees
The Gospel Truth
Ultraman, Vol. 1
The Bunker Diary
Trouble Is a Friend of Mine
Footer Davis Probably Is Crazy
The Hired Girl
An Ember in the Ashes
The Porcupine of Truth
Enchanted Air: Two Cultures, Two Wings: A Memoir
Drowned City: Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans
Goodbye Stranger
Beautiful Blue World
The Blackthorn Key
All American Boys

Monday, June 6, 2011


Might Smackdowners the finals are before us! The combatants:

Flash Burnout vs Scrawl vs Nothing.......................
Who takes it all? Tweets will tell all! If you need a copy of either Flash Burnout or Scrawl let me know....Nothings should be distributed this week for those who haven't read it. As soon as you've read tweet away.

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