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The Serpent King
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ghost and the Goth Vs Demon's Lexicon

The Riverbenders had a few discussions about our selections but were pretty agreed on where we stood. Let the SMACKDOWN BEGIN!!!

Firstly, you can read the book summary from the first round of competition so we aren't going to go into those details - just what we liked and what we didn't.

We all read Ghost and the Goth first and we were , like totally, surprised this book about a self-centered cheerleader (although she was dead so that was kind of a bonus) and a guy who could "see dead people" was the better of the two last books. For us, it was like cotton thought you wanted it but you had a couple bites and then you felt kinda sick and not at all satisfied. Would it appeal to some teenagers...likely. But not boys and not readers looking for a little meat. It would be a great book to read at the beach or by the pool. Is it a book, given other choices, we would recommend..not so much. Speaking only for myself, I was not at all engaged by this book and kept hoping Alona would go into the light so the book would end. We will not be reading the sequel.

And then there was Demon's Lexicon. I had read a number of books with jinny's and demons and I was, admittedly, growing weary of this genre (Jaylene found it hard to get into, Ange was thumbs up from the start). But, the story was well-written and really drew me in. A guy with swords, people getting marked by demons and the potential for chaos and confusion. A strong male and female lead means we can recommend it to lots of kids but the best part of Demon's Lexicon was the end. As we are moving this one on, we won't spoil it for you but to quote Angela "I never saw it coming and I always see it coming" I never saw it coming either but it was something I had not even considered. In the end, I am not sure Jaylene loved it like Ange and I did but she did agree it was the winner for this round. (ordered the sequel)

Are there any books left that are just a story about a girl and boy, neither of whom is a demon, werewolf, vampire or faerie?
Winner Round 2: Demon's Lexicon

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