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Defy the Stars

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The War vs. The Truth

I didn't hide my strong dislike for Porcupine of Truth in my last post.  Thus, I will stick to why I believe War that Saved my Life should win this battle.  This book reminded me of Echo with kids that are caught up in World War II and the battles the fought that didn't always include guns and bombs.  I may even like this book better than Echo, I'd really have to think about it.  I was emotionally invested in Ada's battle to break free from the limitations her mother put on her as well as her own.  The relationship that forms between Ada and Susan Smith doesn't seem convenient to me, it seems real.  Some days Ada moves closer to Susan, while others she pulls away in fear of getting too close.  Seeing Ada develop throughout the story was believable and I was definitely rooting for her.  I was quite put off when Ada didn't stand up to her mother at Susan's but I had to remind myself that this girl had been abused her whole life and despite the abuse, she still wanted her mother's love.  The ending had me all caught up and hoping that somehow Susan would come for the kids and I wasn't disappointed.  Overall, I loved it and I think lots of my students would too.  I hope it wins the war!


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