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Monday, January 9, 2017

Farewell to Goodbye Stranger

Goodbye Stranger takes on the complexities of junior high. Bridge is in seventh grade, and she vows to never fight with her two best friends, Emily and Tab. Intermixed in this saga (okay saga is a bit strong) are plot lines of teen romance, the woes of social media and the difficulties of making strong moral choices.  For some of our group (Mighty Team Seven - an eclectic group of readers) we found Goodbye Stranger an intriguing read but for some the magic to continue to finish the book was not there.  We could see how teen readers would be interested but worthy of a strong recommendation we think "maybe not".

Gospel Truth, written in free verse, interweaves the narratives of six separate characters.  Phoebe has strength and compassion in her soul. Many readers will experience disbelief, tears, and outrage as she takes us on a journey that few can imagine.  This story is elegantly written and shines a light on the power of inner strengths, the will to survive and a portrayal of a time that deserves our attention.  Team Seven is unanimous in our decision Gospel Truth moves on to the next round!

Submitted by: Team Seven (Lisa, Chris, Shelley, Chelsea and Maureen)

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