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Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Family Romanov vs. The Living

Dianne and Deb agree to disagree about The Family Romanov and The Living!

I found both books very well written. I am not really into historical non-fiction so it took a while to get through The Family Romanov. I was always a bit fuzzy on the time lines and connections but it is all much clearer now because of this book.  I found myself alternately siding with royalty and then smacking myself as I realized how ignorant and mean the parents were.  It was too bad the kids had to get caught up in this.
I got through The Living in one go as I got so thoroughly caught up in the plot. The concept of inventing a disease to make a profit is not entirely new, but the way the book was written made me keep turning the pages.  I would definitely get The Living for the library as it should encourage reluctant readers and boys. 
I vote for The Living.

Two great reads over spring break! I could not have asked for better timing. Unfortunately now I have to make a decision. I wish I could pass both books on, but alas I must choose. It comes down to the simple fact that The Family Romanov is a historical work of art. I especially like how the author presents three stories in one. I believe that it is important to know about our past so that we can better map out our future. We need to know the true stories that brought us to where we are today. Have we progressed or have we remained stagnant in time.
A work of fiction may often provide the necessary release from reality so that we retain some sense of sanity, but we should never forget. I may have been on the edge of my seat while reading The Living as well, but at the end I could easily put it aside and move on.
It is never too late to learn the histories of the world so that we will remember. Perhaps one day we will actually learn from the negative impacts of the past and map out a better future.
My vote is for The Family Romanov.

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