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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The LumberJanes vs Family Romonov

The LumberJanes vs Family Romanov

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Two very different family pictures!!!

As non-fiction, the Family Romanov is quite interesting and engaging.  It had lots of interesting facts and perspective.  It was interesting to see the juxtaposition between the upper class and the peasants.  I enjoyed the vignettes of the life the peasants had.  As soon as I started to feel sympathetic towards the Tsar and Tsarist, the book would remind me about the terrible job they were doing governing the country.  This a good book not really a great one.  I am voting for it to move forward.

I liked the Lumberjanes, a quick, funny, no real point kind of read.  There wasn't a lot of substance and didn't really stay with me.  However, my daughter loved this book and read it several times while we were on vacation.  I asked her what she liked and she said the characters and the ideas.  It needed more plot (that means things that happen, Mom).  She really wants to read the next one.  It reminded me that my taste is sometimes very different from my daughter.  I have to keep that in mind when I read books I am choosing for the kids.

My pick to move forward is the Romanov's.


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