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Monday, November 30, 2015

The Voice Inside My Head Vs. The Tyrant's Daughter

I know that we are anxiously waiting the arrival of the round 2 novels. In trying to bridge the gap between the two rounds, here is a late post on the two novels we had from round 1. This compelling post should fill the hours between now and the arrival of your new novels as you hotly debate the choice that we made. 

Our two novels were The Voice Inside my Head and The Tyrant's Daughter.

The Voice Inside my Head was fun to read because of the tropical setting and mystery. We found ourselves enjoying the interesting premise of the brother "hearing" his sister's voice in his head and following her "leads".  As with most novels in the tournament there is a lot of great reviews about the novel, however, we found the story to be a little predictable. We could recommend this novel to students to read and enjoy but ultimately it fails in comparison to The Tyrant's Daughter. 

In J.C. Carleson's novel, we loved the perspective of the main character as she starts to discover things about the life she lived before her father's assassination and the life she finds herself in in the US. Her journey through self discovery as she tried to fit into her new existence in America and a more broad base of experiences is believable, as is her confusion and bitter acceptance of the truths she discovers about her family and previous existence.

For us, The Tyrant's Daughter is the superior text and deserves to move on to a second read. 

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