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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Liars and Nazis

Even though the majority has already spoken and Nazi Hunters has emerged victorious, we still want to add our votes to the We Were Liars column.  I went into Nazi Hunters thinking it would be akin to last year's winner (Bomb), an expectation to which Nazi Hunters fell short.   We Were Liars might lack the gravitas and educational value of Nazi Hunters, but it was an engaging story that students have been loving.  And while I kind of detested the whole family and had little sympathy for their self-manufactured tribulations, I think that was part of the appeal of Liars. Cadence and the other Liars are captives in a world where wealth is just a mask that can't quite conceal the dysfunction and racism that lurks beneath, and their ultimately fruitless efforts to escape that world does give readers something to mentally chew on, I think...

That being said, We Were Liars doesn't measure up to other Smackdown titles we've read this year, and this round most of our excitement has been reserved for voting for the zombie.  Mark two Xs next to I'll Give You the Sun, please!

-Chandra & Shelley K.

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