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The Blackthorn Key
All American Boys

Monday, February 23, 2015

Willa's Ghosts vs. Glory's Visions

Look, I'm no Carmen Sandiego.  I'm not one of those people who claim to have known that Bruce Willis was dead the whole time, and even the worst CSI episodes used to keep me guessing until the end.  So I'm not bragging when I say that I knew the identity of the serial killer in Famous Last Words almost immediately, it's just that it was so painfully transparent. As Kevin mentioned in his post, if a YA protagonist is torn between an attraction to two guys, one of them is obviously evil.  Famous Last Words was a fun, dumb read, but that's pretty much all it was.

Glory O'Brien's History of the Future, on the other hand, was definitely unique, but the strange, suspension-of-disbelief-necessitating aspects handled so skillfully I bought in completely.  I was well over halfway done when I realized with a surge of joy that there was no boy/love/lust/relationship angst (on the part of Glory, anyway...)  Then there was a boy, but he was almost beside the point, and Glory thankfully spent relatively little time dwelling on him.  There's a lot more I could say about the *many* things I loved about this book, but I'll save them for the next round, because it appears our group is unanimous, and my vote goes wholeheartedly to Glory and her bat-dust crazy visions!

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