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The Blackthorn Key
All American Boys

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Liars vs Sister Mine

We are Liars was an overall good read.  Definitely in the vein of Drowning Ruth and other books about mysterious families, which I enjoy.  I love a good mystery about a family with money and a legacy and this one unfolds nicely.  Not a masterful read but a good one.  I particularly like the short stories about the king and his three daughters that held hidden meanings and themes.  Like someone else said, it was m'eh but I believe their was potential for fantastic.  I am happy we moved this one forward.

Sister mine was horrific and in all honestly I only needed about 3 chapters to know that.  This book was not worth my time to finish so I bailed.  I will admit I am a book bailer.  I will not finish a book just because.  The author needs to hook me in order to have my valuable time and this book failed miserably.

P.S-Super disappointed the I'll Give You the Sun didn't move on.  I was looking forward to reading that!

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