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Monday, February 23, 2015

I’ll Give you the Sun vs The Night Gardener

The last selection of books left us scrambling to come up with a winner.  This time Westminster was finally rewarded with unpredictable,thoughtful, fabulous and well written novels-- both of which would be perfect on our library shelves.  Probably not terribly surprisingI’ll Give you the Sun is the absolute winner despite the rather understated and uninteresting cover.  (The book ‘s characters create art that captures the essence of our existence apparently –perhaps the cover could not compete. )  There is something so attractive about flawed human beings who are driven to create and Brent’s comparison with Asher Levi is apt.  The fact that the book dealt with the emergence of sexuality in a note perfect way is a bonus too at this time.  I raved while reading and checked in with my fellow reading mates constantly to make sure they experienced the book in the same way.  
The Night Gardener gave us exactly what the cover promised.  This gothic children’s tale took us all a bit to get into, especially after I’ll Give you the Sun but captivated as well.  A morality tale well told.   Maybe the zombie?

Two cents:
am voting for I'll Give You the Sun. I liked The Night Gardener as well, and I hate voting out a perfectly good book, but I'll Give You the Sun was just so beautifully written, definitely memorable, and I think it could be the overall winner this year.  Renae
I agree with Renae.  Although, once I got into it, I enjoyed The Night Gardener more than I anticipated, I'll Give You the Sun was simply too beautiful to beat.  The artists' voices beat out the storytellers' voices by a slim margin in this battle.  Laura

So that's it from Westmin.   And you ABM?

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