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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Aviary Wonders vs. Falling into Place

Democracy is overrated. Don't get me wrong, there are some strong points about the democratic system, but when the results from a one person one vote system are not right, the entire system needs an overhaul.
Take for instance the decision between Aviary Wonders and Falling into Place.  The choice to move Aviary Wonders was not the correct choice.  I do understand the irony in voting into extinction a book that is based on the premise that we need to look after our environment or else birds will become something that we have to order from a catalog. I will also concede that Aviary Wonders is a smart and beautiful book. My issue lies in the fact that I think that readers won't get it.  Unless the book is carefully read from cover to cover and time is invested onto thinking about the issues, I fear that this book will be a 10 minutes flip through and toss aside. (unless you are a science teacher and examining adaption of a species).

Falling into Place is a much more accessible book for the young adult audience. They are used to this story as they have read it before in other novels, creating a sense of familiarity.  Now to be fair, I would say that this story has been told better in other novels and that Falling into Place could use a good editor to firm up the story.  That said, I believe that this is the better book for young adult reader - stress on the adult part as there is teenage pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse and teen suicide.

Living in a democratic civilization as we do, I will abide by the decision of my reading groups and let Aviary Wonders fly up to round two.

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  1. Democracy or living in a society ruled by me....the Booktator? Democracy is overrated.