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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Leonard is still this year's winner in my heart

I really couldn't believe Leonard Peacock didn't make it through to the final round.  And I fear it got eliminated too late for people to realize we'd have to resurrect it as a zombie in order for it to win.  In my heart, Leonard is this year's winner.  Not having it as a choice is a travesty.  For your summer reading pleasure, I recommend Matthew Quick's newest adult offering:  The Good Luck of Right Now.  Enjoyable.

What to do with my vote that counts?  This is a tough one.

Bomb:  I enjoyed.  I don't usually gravitate to non-fiction, but this read, to me, like a narrative.  I bought into the intrigue.  I also appreciated that, while we had stories of American and Soviet spies, there was no feeling of "good guys" and "bad guys."  I haven't read Trinity yet, so I guess I'll put it on my summer reading list and just say I enjoyed Bomb.

Counting by 7's:  It was OK.  Sweet.  Ties up in a neat little package at the end.  Maybe a bit boring?  (I am prepared for your Mighty Smack now).  My major problem is this:  my students and I who have read both preferred Wonder, which I cut much earlier.  I'll put this in my library to use in a Lit Kit unit for sure, as well as Wonder, but it's not been my favourite book this year.

The One and Only Ivan:  Really?  This is popular enough to be the zombie pick?  I acknowledge that many of the descriptions are creative and interesting.  I did think I would use some phrases as examples of descriptive language being done well, but the idea of reading the whole thing to my classes seemed unexciting to me, which means it will surely fail as a class novel in my hands.

So, I vote only to exercise my democratic responsibilities.  Leonard Peacock was my "I just read the winner" moment this year, but, for what it's worth, I throw my official vote to Bomb.

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  1. I couldn't have said it better. And won't even try. I'd really rather see Leonard Peacock win, but what's done is done.