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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Will Leonard Peacock get "schooled" by Good and Evil?

The School for Good and Evil.... best friends Sophie and Agatha are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime or are they?  As you read this book you might question this really an adventure I would like to continue to read?  Our group, like those of you who read it in the past, had mixed reviews.  We had a few who "battled" through the first part of the book and ended up liking it.  We had someone who liked it from beginning to end and we had an anecdotal story of a young reader devouring it; however most of us found it boring(yes I did bold that word for emphasis) and a few of us could not seem to find the energy to finish it all.

On the other hand...

Forgive me Leonard Peacock's main character is a teenager, who feels let down by adults and out of step with his sheep like classmates.  Leonard is an endearing person and you are drawn to his pain, humor and insights.  While reading you find yourself crossing your fingers that he does not follow through with his intentions (no I will not share all because you might want to read this book after the blog).  Those of our group who engaged in our email conversation (sorry to Carolyn and Jacquelyn as we did not get to hear your opinions) loved this book.  We felt it was powerfully written (I personally found the footnotes distracting) and tackles several difficult subjects we believe are necessary ones for us to talk about.

So I am sure there is no surprise which book we picked for a winner.  The book that will move forward to the next round from the seven of us is Forgive Me Leonard Peacock.

Respectfully submitted by Maureen on behalf of Robin, Laura, Wendy Christina, Renae and Kevin

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