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Monday, March 3, 2014

More than...Ivan

I have to say I found The One and Only Ivan a pleasant surprise.  From the moment I realized that it would be written from the perspective of a gorilla, I was not impressed.  As the story moved forward I laughed and I cried, and I found myself rooting for the characters.  I love that the resolution was more or less natural and not supernatural.  I found it to be a light, engaging, easy read.  I think it would be enjoyable to a wide audience. 

More Than This was anything but.  I found it engaging, but light and easy...not so much.   I adored the beginning, it hooked me right away.  I was intrigued by the next section of the book.  I found it meatier than most YA novels, with a depth and sophistication that was refreshing.  The storyline was fantastic and the character development was impeccable.  This novel was a unique page-turner that allows for rich discussion and would be engaging for a large youth audience.  This type of novel would evoke a strong reaction in the reader, whether positive or negative, and I think that makes a better novel than one that is just  'likeable.'

While I enjoyed both novels, and Ivan has a special place in my heart, my vote goes to More Than This

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  1. Looks like More Than This is gathering momentum. Hope it is fantastic because Ivan is.