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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rotters wins hansdown!

I was hoping for more of a fight, really, but Rotters came away on top.  I found Why We Broke Up to be a  diet version of 13 Reasons Why.  The illustrations were cool, but the protagonist's voice drove me nuts!  It had plenty of versimilitude, but when you're dealing with whiny teenagers is that what you want?

Rotters, on the other hand, was totally different.  I've never read anything like it; never heard the protagonist's voice before.  Aside from being well-written, suspenseful, and overflowing with absolutely disgusting imagery (it's about graverobbers, after all), I learned a whole lot about the history of graverobbing.  The ending threw me a bit, but hey, I usually quibble with endings.

It wasn't even a fight, really, more of a slaughter!



  1. Really? I liked Why We Broke Up a lot.

  2. I loved Why We Broke Up...but to be fair (which I don't really enjoy) I haven't listened to Rotters yet. I thought Why We Broke Up was a brainy nerd lovefest of a book and my brainy nerd daughter ate it up. The fact that it was made with rock paper (real thing non-sciencey folks)added to the fun. After listening to Rotters....I may be back to whine some more.

  3. I have just finished Why We Boke Up and really enjoyed it. The illustrations, voice of Min and the story itself all shone for me. I haven't read Rotter but am inspired to now, just to see if I agree!

  4. I just finished Rotters and was very surprised with my reaction. After the first 40 pages I didn't know if I could read any more of it. Then I persevered, and found I couldn't put it down. What fascinating history and insight into our existence as rotters. Humbles everyone.