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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Grimm Monster?

Recently I suggested that I may, just may, vote for A Tale Dark and Grimm over A Monster Calls. It wasn't pretty. I was bashed about and my points were drowned out over the thumps delivered to my head. Fine bullies, but you can't stop me from saying the following:

1. Grimm would make an amazing read aloud
2. This would be a great book for exploring that time when you begin to realize that parents and adults may not be all wise and knowing
3. It was funny and gory which would make it go over really well with a certain segment which includes me.

Having said that, A Monster Calls is luminous and well done though I still believe best when brought in and guided by a teacher.  Okay for Now soared at times but ultimately crashed for me with the abrupt change of the dad - but I'd still gladly put it in hands and lit circles if asked. When it is all said and done I'll vote for A Monster Calls and spend a part of my summer reading Mal Peet's book: Life: An Exploded Diagram as it beat a Monster Calls in School Library Journal's Battle of the Book. Who knows maybe that shows up in our list next year....

1 comment:

  1. I am totally intrigued about Life: An Exploded Diagram. I think I'll have to read it too!

    I have mixed feelings about your vote Dia. On the one hand I'm ecstatic that you voted for A Monster Calls. On the other hand I'm disappointed that I won't be giving you a little smackdown.