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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Okay Grimm Monster! - My Final Vote

As the champion of A Monster Calls from all the way back in round one I am sticking with my choice.  No, it isn't a book that is for all students and certainly I believe that I would hesitate to use it with large groups or all students.  But in the right hands, at the right time and with the right guidance it is a moving, ground breaking, breathtaking piece of literature which deftly incorporates images and words along with a tear inducing, heart wrenching story.

I enjoyed Okay for Now and think it is a good story which will keep the reader interested to the end.  I personally was disappointed in the ending, both with the father and the (girl)friend but there are too many strengths to this novel for these two events to write the novel off for me.

A Tale Dark and Grimm was an interesting read for me.  I liked the way the audience was addressed directly and I felt that the humour in these portions of the novel would engage some of my more reluctant readers.  I found it to be accessible for my junior high students and even some reluctant readers.  I liked the connections to fairy tales I feel I could make and extend with students either as a class or as individuals.

Overall though A Monster Calls gets my vote as I can't even find the words to fully explain just how fabulous I think this book is.  To me, it is true literature.


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