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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Revolution vs. Okay for Now

We at JP (Barb and Mona) both agree - except for the part about the Haiku...

Is Revolution     
A book I would recommend?
Probably to some.

French revolution,
Musical composition
Described in detail

Too detailed for me
Fact and fiction intertwined
Less fact more story!!

Is Okay For Now
A book I would recommend?
Depends on the kid.

Started off slowly,
Then rapidly captured me
Loved the voice of Doug

Laughed a bit in parts,
Teared up a bit in others
But end was too neat.

Though it’s hard to call
I’ll give my choice to go on
It’s Okay for Now

Let’s do a sonnet
Or some couplets the next time
Please no more Haiku!!


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  2. I vote goes to Okay For Now.

    Time travel for Yank
    Revolution in Old France
    So sad, heads will roll


    Abused boy, strong voice
    finds art, friends, love - end result:
    life is bird droppings.