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Friday, February 25, 2011

Scrawl vs. The Replacement

What are the chances that three other people would actually agree with me? It is unanimous here at ABM as we all call for Scrawl to move on to the next level. I liked The Replacement and agree with posts that it is nice to see a friend who is willing to do what you ask because of your friendship. I liked some of the creepy characters but wondered if I’m suffering a little from supernatural overdose? You can argue, that stripped down, this is a book about identity and finding out who you really are and you wouldn’t be wrong. Will we get a copy for our library? Absolutely, though Andrew has issues with its worthiness. The cover alone will ensure that it goes out on a frequent basis.

Why Scrawl? I’m not ready to say this takes it all…I’m always reading but I am a sucker for an unreliable narrator which Scrawl has in spades. Though it seems like a book about what a bully really thinks it isn’t. Though Tod thinks he’s a tough guy the continued plot of the book shows you how he really doesn’t see himself clearly and neither do a number of staff members at his school. (Okay, I really hate the crappy teacher stories –but the guidance counselor is redeeming – yeah). The book unravels Tod bit by bit until even he begins to see what his guidance counselor has known from the beginning. I think we have a good work ethic but when I look at our post next to others I realize I haven’t really boiled down the plot…will you hear more then? No, look back at earlier posts for the gritty, nitty details.

1 comment:

  1. I would never have picked up "Scrawl" before your review but now I want to read it!

    What issues does Andrew have with the worthiness of "The Replacement"?