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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flash Burnout vs. Amy & Roger's Epic Detour

Flash Burnout is at times humorous and at times heartbreaking. The story is told from the perspective of Blake, a 15 year old boy who enjoys making people laugh, as he is caught sorting out relationships between his first girl friend who he believes he is falling in love with and his friend who is a girl. Blake is in photography class with Marissa, and finds out he has inadvertently taken a picture of Marissa's homeless, drug addicted mother. He gets caught up in Marissa's struggles, but discovers there are some very strict girlfriend/boyfriend rules that he must observe so as not to anger his girlfriend Shannon. The book shifts often between pathos and laughs unexpectedly hitting the reader with clever remarks or quips that will leave them laughing out loud. This book is an entertaining and captivating read that would be appropriate for both boys and girls.

I knew pretty much from the beginning how this story would end - and that was a good thing. The journey was what made this book worthwhile. The story wans't just about the journey that Amy and Roger took through America, which made me want to hop in the car and take a trip, but was also about the personal journey that each of them took. Though the ending may have been predictable, the narrative never was. It was at once poignant and humorous. I would recommend this book to junior and senior high girls looking for equal parts adventure and romance.

If I had to choose, (which apparently I do!!)...
I think Flash Burnout would have a greater appeal for boys, but could be enjoyed by girls as well, while the Epic Detour is more of a girl's book. I enjoyed both books and would happily recommend either depending on the student, but I feel I have to agree with Barb and go with Flash Burnout to move on to the next round.

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