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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

Have you ever experienced the annoyance of attempting to read a book (that you expected to love and adore) multiple times, but find yourself unable to be drawn into the narrative? This is what happened to me with Sisters Red....a seemingly, modern retelling of Red Riding Hood by Jackson Pearce.

It's has great cover art....but I couldn't get beyond the first half of the book. It's a dark tale of two sisters trapped in a world of werewolves and violence. I'm kinda worn out with vampire-ish Twilight, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and True Blood to read yet another in this genre.

Someone else needs to read this book...and comment. I feel guilty that I was unable to do "reading justice" to this tale.

So far this is what I know, Scarlet (the badass sister) and her sister Rosie must spend their lives hunting werewolves...and prevent other helpless girls from being attacked. The chapters alternate between each sister's point of view - an interesting narrative device.

Online reviews both by experts and teen audiences give the book a very good someone in our Mighty Smackdown group may want to take up the challenge to give this book another reading....


  1. I read through to the end of this book and didn't like it any better than you did Betty-Lou. I have heard from people who did like it though and I was surprised when I read the online reviews. I found it very predictable and really not that interesting. I guess what it means is that this book isn't for everyone.

  2. Well I like it! I like the bad-ass sister and that even though she was all scarred up, she was the werewolf's first choice! Yes, it was predictable but it had some blood and guts and who doesn't like a good cape?
    I could have done without the mushy love stuff but thank goodness there were swords!

  3. I am with Vanessa on this one. I actually really liked this book, despite how very predictable it was. The love story part of it induced some gagging (especially the way the author seemed to go to great pains to repeat how Rosie felt different/tingly/excited when she was around the guy). I have to admit I loved the violence and Scarlett the bad-ass heroine. I don't think there was anything great about this book, but I thought it was an entertaining read.