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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Library Wars vs The Replacement

I really enjoyed both of these books. Library Wars is based on the novel series of the same name. It's a futuristic manga in which the Japanese government has taken control over all forms of media. Local governments have managed to pass the Library Act allowing libraries to keep books that the government wants censored and destroyed. Even with protection there are those out there whose main objective is to destroy all "inappropriate" books and so the Library Defense Force was born. These agents are trained in library science, martial arts and spy techniques in order to protect libraries and bookstores. There is fighting as well as some romance (a little something for everyone). I liked this book so much that I tried to find the original novels and was disappointed to find that they are only available in the original Japanese. Was it just the premise that made me enjoy this book so much? Will teens enjoy this series as much as I did? I wasn't sure so I let some students read it and they gave it the thumbs up.

The Replacement has the most intriguing cover: a file, a pair of scissors, a horseshoe, all hanging over a baby carriage. The book definitely lives up to its cover. One night, in the town of Gentry, a strange man sneaks in through the window of a house and with his boney fingers snatches a baby out of its crib and leaves something else behind. That something is Mackie, a boy who cannot be anywhere near blood, steel, or consecrated ground. The author does an excellent job of describing the town and the underworld. The plot is both suspenseful and moving. Mackie has been compared to Edward Scissorhands and I agree that those who enjoy that movie or other Tim Burton movies would like this as well. In this her first novel, Brenna Yovanoff tells a wonderfully creepy tale with themes of friendship and the power of family love.

I was impressed with both books but since there has to be a winner I have chosen The Replacement to move on to Round 2.


  1. Wow! Both books sound great! I think I might have to read 'em :)

  2. Oh how I loved the Replacements. It wasn't at all what I was expecting and I really loved the best friend who was willing to do anything for Mackie and I mean anything! (I now Dia would give me a kidney but would she go dig up a dead body no questions asked? I think not)

    I am glad to see this one moving on!